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“We are here to extend the feeling of home

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-By The Woods

     Ask Around. You will find By The Woods has a reputation for the highest quality work, innovative designs, and project flexibility, ensuring that we create the best-fit landscape and the happiest customers. Our shared devotion to these values makes By The Woods unique, and provides a rewarding interaction for each and every client. 

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By The Woods Custom Landscaping
Each landscape begins with a conversation. 

We meet at your home and spend time listening, looking, and learning.
We discuss not only what changes you are looking for, but what your future plans are for the space and how we can help tie your landscape into the rest of your yard and home.  We listen to what you love, and help inspire your yard to suit you.

With a better grasp on what your wish list entails, we will put together a few distinct options for your space with ideas that will spark your imagination and start to shape your new space, as well as a detailed estimate breaking down the project so you understand individual costs.  This initial estimate allows us to discuss the project as a full installation or phased installation depending on your desired budget.  

We understand that options can be both compelling and confusing. Prior to installation, we will spend time selecting the ideal products in the ideal colors, be it the stonework on your fireplace, the pavers in your outdoor kitchen, or the perennials and shrubs in your garden.  All selections are carefully recommended to fit the style you love and the architecture of your home and landscape.

Once the details are ironed out, installation begins. 
Our crew is highly talented, efficient, and invested in completing your project in a timely manner. Many of our crew members have been on board with By The Woods for years and can just as beautifully construct a custom pergola as they can build a waterfall. As installation progresses, questions will arise about the design; seeing your space on paper feels entirely different than being in it, and we take pride in being flexible through the installation process. If your patio needs to be expanded, you decide to add custom lighting, or you want to add a few additional perennials, we can accommodate these wishes while discussing and adhering to your budget.
Building trust in our quotes is critical.

Ultimately, our goal is to create beautiful spaces that perfectly fit your personality; we want your space to be a direct reflection of who you are. I hope you take some time to explore our website, which we have provided as only a small glimpse of the offerings that we have at By The Woods.

Nothing makes your yard pop like a truly one-of-a-kind landscape accent.  Along with designing and building the foundation of you landscape, we are constantly growing our ability make something truly unique.  
We provide an array of distinct design ideas at the initial consult not only to make sure we find the landscape that best fits your needs, but to discover if have the right landscape accent to fit your dreams.  
From fountains to fire pits, gas lanterns to custom pizza ovens, we encourage our crews to discover the best way to install any landscape accent that our designers - or you - can dream up.

Through our years of design and installation experience 
we have learned that what really makes a landscape bring a smile year after year is the plants.  A well thought out, unique design and careful installation will 
provide the canvas, brushes, and a beautiful array of paints to add dimension and color to your home.  
By choosing just the right selection of plants we can ensure that any area in your yard will bring a new smile to your face with changing of each of our colorful seasons.
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